Facebook Makes me Judgemental

I do not consider myself to be a judgmental person. However, there are times when I feel like Facebook stirs up judgement inside of me. Yes, you read that clearly, I blame Facebook for me being judgmental at times.

For instance if you are posting about your young child cutting up or cussing at school and yet admit that you cuss in front of them, a judgement forms from within me. As parents we can not control what our child hears at school but we can not get mad when they repeat what we are saying or allowing them to hear around the home.

My son is 3 and has recently learned the word “stupid”. He is not in school and my husband nor I say that word to them or one another. I had to investigate where he heard it, when I asked where he learned that word he said Toy Story. Lately his movies of choice have been Toy Story and Monsters Inc. I sat down and watched them with him the other day and unfortunately, that word is said in both movies. When he said it I was so disappointed. We explained that is a “bad word” and it is not nice to use and that we don’t use words like that in this house.  He understood. I am sure he will hear another word one day and it will have to be explained again, but that is my job to explain when a behavior is not acceptable.

I get so frustrated when I see parents on Facebook talk about the negative things their children are doing and laugh it off as if it is cute. It is not. One thing that really gets me are videos of little ones twerking and gyrating. I am talking about little kids in diapers and some no older than like 10. It is disgusting. IT IS NOT A TALENT AND IT IS NOT CUTE! You are setting your child up for failure teaching them that at a young age it is appropriate to use your body that way. See I am being judgmental.

Another issue that gets me is when someone posts about an issue they are having with their young child (under 5) and it is clear that the child is having that issue because YOU ARE ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN!!! Most children want to stay up late and eat/drink what they want. Many children also may not want to do what ask, pick up their toys or brush their teeth, but it is up to us to enforce these things. We do not have to be mean and demanding. If they don’t want to brush their teeth then we must do it for them in a fun way. Have them pick out a toothbrush at the store and make a game out of it. SOME THINGS SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION! If child wants to eat and drink junk they only do so because that is what you give them.

If they do not want to pick up their toys try setting a timer and make it something fun. Challenge them to pick up everything before the timer goes off. These are the things we need to do when they are young to teach them valuable lessons. When they learn good habits while they are young it stays with them as they get older. But if you do not encourage them to learn these things now and try to enforce them when they get older it will be a challenge for you. They will look at you as if to say “You never made me do it before so why should I now?”

These are just somethings that make my blood boil and causes judgements within me. I do not want anyone to tell me how to parent my children but if I am stunting their growth physically, emotionally, academically, behaviorally, then please call me out.

Thank you for letting me vent.



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