Can a Woman be an Effective Leader? YES!!

I was recently watching a show, yes a reality show…lol, where a group of women was discussing the roles of women and men. The majority of the women felt that women cannot lead as well as men. The consensus was that women were too emotional to be in powerful leadership positions.  However, one of the women in the group thought that the idea of women being too emotional to lead was absurd.

What do you think? Are women too emotional? I believe that women can be just as effective as men in leadership roles. My take on these women that were discussing this topic is that maybe they do not feel that they have the qualities to be an effective leader. Perhaps these women are too emotional. Whatever the case, one should not transfer how they feel about themselves to a whole gender. I have a son and a daughter and I do not plan on raising them to believe that my son can accomplish things that my daughter can not.

Last year my family attended a Lego competition for my oldest niece. She was the only girl on her team. Each team programs Legos to perform certain tasks. I know at times she may have been pushed aside and overlooked but she stood up for herself and not once did she think she could not contribute to her team as much as the other members. I was very proud of her. This is how we should feel as a gender.

I read somewhere that among the Fortune 500 companies 23 have female CEOs. That is less than 5 percent. When will we see equal amounts of women in these male-dominated boardrooms? Do woman respond better to male leaders? Do men respond better when there is another man in charge? I don’t know the answer to these questions but I do think it is a problem when women feel that women cannot be effective leaders. What are your thoughts?



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