What is your perception of the Homeless?

I once watched an interview of a man that admitted to panhandling in Baltimore simply because he did not feel like getting a job. Unfortunately, that changed my viewpoint on the homeless. Compassion moved out and skepticism moved in. Over time I am glad to say my heart soften and I would help support those in need. I remember once I bought the 2 cheeseburger value meal at McDonald’s and at the first light I stopped at there was a man with a sign saying he was hungry. Without hesitation I  rolled down my window and gave him the cheeseburger I had not yet started to eat.

Many of us get so caught up on what we don’t have and neglect to think about what we do have. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to downsize my personal belongings to live a more simple lifestyle. Meanwhile, there are people that have nothing. I know there are some people that take total advantage of the system and others but who am I to judge who that is. When someone is in need I should not try to figure out the genuineness of their need. If I can help then I should help. God has blessed me tremendously by just by allowing my basic needs to be met. I have food, clothing, and shelter. Everything else is a bonus for which I am so grateful.

I just came across this video and my heart went out to this MAN, not a “bum” like some individuals may refer to him as.

I don’t know what message I would like to get across but I do hope that it meets you at a place of compassion.



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