Marital Monday: Talk More Text Less

Do you and your spouse text throughout the day? My husband and I do every now and then. It is usually when I call him and he is unavailable to speak, he will shoot me a quick text to let me know why he couldn’t pick up.  Other than that we don’t usually exchange texts back and forth.

However, there are some couples that text throughout the day and then in the evening when they are together they barely speak, sitting on opposite sides of the couch with phones in hand.

Communicate!!! Talk!!!! Listen!!!!

I know at times I find us on opposite sides of the couch with phones in hand. And it is a sad sight. What is even worse is if we are in bed and both on our phones, him playing Candy Crush and me checking my site stats. This used to occur but I am proud to say as of late it is rare for us to be sitting in bed on our phones.

Communicate!!! Talk!!! Listen!!!

If you find that in your marriage you are texting more and talking less that is something that needs to change. You and your spouse should make time to just talk. Without children interrupting. Just the two of you.  Turn of the television and just talk. How about you try playing a game. A fun game to play is “2 Truths and a Lie.” Each person takes a turn and makes three statements about themselves, one of which is lie. The other person has to guess which is a lie. Now I am not trying to pull a bunch of skeletons out of your closets. It is just supposed to be fun facts.  You may be married but there should always be things you can learn about one another.  You might be surprised how much you enjoy talking and laughing. Yes laughing, when was the last time you sat and laughed with your spouse? Not because of something on TV, or in the presence of others. Just you two.


Communicate!!! Talk!!! Listen!!! Laugh!!!

If you don’t want to play a game just ask each other questions. This book is a good one just ask each other questions and listen to the responses. I hold a Masters in Social Work so asking questions is my thing. However, my husband always says it feel like therapy (but I know he secretly enjoys it, lol).   Whatever you do just make sure you are talking more and texting less.





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