Marital Monday: I Just Can’t Live Like This Anymore

This past Saturday morning while my husband, the kids, and I were laying in bed, I was looking for something to do. I saw that Disney Live was in town so we got up, got dressed and bought some tickets online and off we went. Never once did I think I would find inspiration for my Marital Monday post at Disney Live.

We were settled in our seats waiting for the show to start when the people seating directly behind us sat in their seats. It was a young couple, I’d say early 30’s, with a little 2 year old girl (I overheard her mother mention her age).  Anyway they sit down and I feel their tense energy. Something had occurred prior to them sitting because I heard them bickering and the wife told her husband if he was going to be like that it would have been better if he stayed home.  I felt uncomfortable. I tried to focus on my kids and did not notice that the husband left and the wife’s sister and niece joined the wife in the row behind us.

The woman starts to tell her sister how upset she is. She said that while in the lobby their daughter was acting up doing what normal 2 year-old children do when her husband told her that she (the wife) needs to discipline the little girl better since she is home with her during the day.  She went on to complain that he is always so negative.  Apparently on Thanksgiving when they were with her family he was nice and pleasant but when they went to see his family he was being an “Ass”.

I am really feeling uncomfortable now because she is crying. WHO CRIES AT DISNEY LIVE?! She had to know that the woman (me) sitting about 2 1/2  feet in front of her could hear her conversation. She was not whispering and there were 2 seats between her and her sister that she had to talk over. I think her sister felt uncomfortable too. She was not expecting this conversation when she sat down. She asked if her brother-in-law was always like that and her sister said yes.

THEN. SHE. SAID. IT!  Between the cries she said “I just can’t live like this anymore.”

Thankfully in my years of marriage and prayerfully in the years to come I have never felt that feeling.  But many couples have. That is the purpose of this post. I want to encourage you to pray for the marriages of those around you. Things may look great between a couple on the exterior but on the interior the marriage is falling apart. Pray for the strength of your friends’ marriages, your siblings’ marriages, even your parents marriage. I have known of couples that raised and married off their children and came to realize that they “could no longer live like this.” It happens.  I have even noticed it with neighbors. There is a house on my street where 2 years ago there were two cars in the driveway and now there is only one, because for whatever reason the couple separated.

But most importantly pray for your own marriage. Do not take your union or your spouse for granted. If you are having trying times communicate effectively and positively to promote an effective and positive outcome.

And please avoid saying things you don’t really mean, that you will only regret and your spouse will never forget!

Thank you for faithfully reading my Marital Mondays.



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