Marital Monday: Ways to Deal with Stress

Recently I came across this great article at on ways to handle stress in your marriage.  Below I have copied the article How to deal with stress in your marital relationship.

Marriage comes with its own share of stress, and it takes a lot of restraint to not buckle under it.

However, you need to find a way to make sure that you don’t allow external issues like work stress, crappy friendship or dissatisfaction with an object to disturb your relationship with your spouse.

Stress can ruin your marriage if care is not taken. Here are five simple ways to handle it in your marital relationship.

  1. Address your spouse’s concerns: In marriages sometimes, one couple may overlook his/her partner’s concerns. They either become defensive or simply turn a blind eye to the problem instead of addressing it head on. To avoid letting things get out of hand, ask your partner what he/she might be worried about and look for a way to help them resolve this.

  2. Don’t play the blame game: Some marriages collapse under stress because the couple involved are busy blaming each other for one thing or the other. Instead of doing this, try addressing the main reason for the stress. Once you can deal with it, the rest is easy.

  3. Boost your partner’s confidence: There is nothing sweeter than knowing that your partner has your back any day any time. Trust is the currency of every relationship. If your spouse trusts you, he/she will feel more comfortable to confide in you and tell you whatever they are going through. This is a simple way to ease stress in marriage.

  4. Be affectionate: Lack of affection is another deal breaker that must be avoided at all costs. Couples that are open to each other about their feelings for each other are less at risk of falling apart due to stress. Try to be understanding and always put yourself in your partner’s shoe before you draw conclusions on any matter.

  5. Respect each other: Most times, as time goes on, couples tend to take each other for granted. The truth is, stress sometimes make people forget the importance of their significant other. Mutual respect for each other is a good way to relieve stress in the home.

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