Check Please!

I knew we should have just stayed in and ate leftovers and ordered the kids matzo ball soup from the diner.

As I am starting this post we are on our way home from Ruby Tuesdays. My husband is driving and I just heard him asked,

“Why is it that both of you have no shoes and socks on? ”

It’s been that kind of a night.  Now my 4 year old son feels he needs a blanket.  My only thought at this moment is that I so deserved that $6.00 strawberry margarita I just had.

Let’s rewind shall we.

(Note: My son refused to take a nap today. Not good.)

So we decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays. I knew the night was headed for a rough start when the waitress brought us our drink and said (very nonchalantly) that they ran out of lids for the kids cups. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old, do you think this is going to end well? That’s what I get for no longer taking their juice cups everywhere we go.

So my son had the mini burgers and I ordered soup for my daughter to break up some congestion I was hearing. And yes, I took her to the Dr. earlier in the day. Anyway my son makes the decision to eat his mini burgers by the halves, continuously choking from putting to much in his mouth. My daughter (who is fully capable of eating soup by herself even though she is just 2) refuses to feed herself and only wants Daddy to feed her, only to complain that it is too hot when it might be lukewarm if that. However, she will dip some fries in her soup and eat them. These kids are in rare form tonight. At one point my husband even has to remove our son from the table to have little chat.

I know you all are wondering about the juices. The apple juices are sitting in the middle of the table out of reach because remember there are no lids and they are filled to the rim.  When the kids want a sip either my husband or myself have to hold it so they don’t spill it.  Things are actually going well with their drinks. Surprisingly.wpid-20141008_194027.jpg

Then as we are finishing up my husband is holding the cup so my daughter can drink out if it, I guess she decides she wants to hold the juice her self and
squeezes it causing this to happen (look to the right). She punctures the cup and juice spills out everywhere. Then this girl has the nerve to be a little upset because her arm is now wet from the juice.

My son is now like this (look left) wpid-20141008_195101.jpgwhich is how he chooses to spend the remaining time at the table. Mind you he is wide awake, looking at other patrons.

I see our waitress and all I can say is, “Check please!”



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